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Compatible with iOS7! [changelog]

This tweak is now open-sourced and developed by the community!

SpeakEvents will make your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad speak!
You will no longer need to manually check who is writing you a message.
It's a good companion to Siri, but Siri is not required.
Works on every jailbroken 5.0+ iDevice - bluetooth headsets supported.

Localized into 15 languages!
(En, Cz, Sk, Pl, Ar, Es, De, Tr, Pt, El, It, Ru, Ko, Nl, Zh-CN)

Tip: Enable "In Bluetooth HF" to get music pause/resume during speaking
       (even without bluetooth accessory).

What Others Think

Fantastic! I'm enjoying your tweak. Very useful and efficient.
It's a great app, very useful.
It's a very good tweak, thank you for this tweak.


  • Speaks incoming E-Mails, SMS and iMessages
  • Enable/disable reading the message body
  • Autodetects the language of the message and uses the right voice
  • Uses the phonetic contact names or nicknames from Contacts.app
  • Reads notifications of any app (Facebook,WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Configure which apps you want to speak notifications for
  • Anouncement of incoming calls
  • Can be configured not read anything if the Silent Mode is On
  • If enabled, announces every 60, 30 or 15 minutes passed
  • Limit the time range for speaking to prevent it from waking you up
  • All times are in your local time
  • You will be notified when your device is about to die
  • SpeakEvents will tell you when the battery level reaches 10% and 5%
  • When the device is charging you will be notified every 10%
  • It will remind you to fully charge the battery when you unplug it too early

Incompatible with xCon tweak.
Want to review? Have a site/channel? Mail me the info about you to get a license for review.

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